Trading signals: now available

Bear Run Investments offers forex trading signals which will simplify your trading and also assist you in making profits immediately. When combined with our training, our forex trading signals can provide anywhere from 500 – over 1000 pips per month. Depending on your account size and risk-reward ratio, this sees our clients making $1000 – 100 000 per month. For more information on our new added feature, kindly refer to the below FAQ:

  1. What are signals? A signal is a brief trading instruction sent to you with suggestions on what to trade, when to trade it and how to set your take profits and stop losses. This is created off a platform that allows you to automatically copy the trades of successful traders in real time.
  2. How do they work? We will send you the signals via text message as and when they are released. Once received, you will open your trading account, select the desired financial instrument, set your take profit and stop loss accordingly then enter your trade. You can, at any time, close and modify these trades. Alternatively, they’ll automatically reach their take profit.
  3. How often can I expect to receive them? On average, we send out at least one signal per day (during the week). There are times when we may send a second or third one. Depending on hour analysis and how the market performs, there has been a few occasions when we have not released a signal for that particular day. The reason for this is that we believe in being as accurate as humanly possible, therefore, we do not send out signals that we, as a company, would not use ourselves.
  4. What is the success rate of your signals? Past performance isn’t always a good indication for the future but we have had a success rate of 70 – 90%.
  5. How much are the signals? All our signals are R3 000 per month to clients that have taken our training program.
  6. What’s the best way to use signals? The best way to make use of our trading signals is to also incorporate our training programs. Not only will you make money as a beginner trader but you’ll also learn more about the Forex Market and the reasons behind entering or existing a trade, as opposed to trading blindly.
  7. Which broker can I use the signals with? Our recommended broker is CM Trading as we also make use of them and they’re FSB regulated, amongst other brilliant benefits. You can open account by following the below link: