Educational Technology

Educational Equipment

As leaders in the financial literacy training industry, we’ve recently expanded our offerings and incorporated ICT equipment for the use of individuals, governments and private companies. Digital transformation plays a significant role in education and as a result, we supply state of the art technology in the aim of bringing convenience and accessibility to learning.

Below are our top ten items this season:


1. Clevertouch

Designed for education. Clevertouch leads the way in classrooms, with our dedicated educational App store making our screens useful, straight out-of-the-box. Meet challenges head-on with Clevertouch. Every one of our screens allows your students to visualise & collaborate as never before. The panels have built in projection eliminating shadows and issues we often experience with intense light. Clevertouch is based on user friendly, simple controls allowing more productive teaching time and less down time.


2. eBeam

eBeam Edge+ Wireless brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic learning environment where students and colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate.


3. BrailleNote Touch

More than ever, students and professionals who are blind require an intelligent device that combines the simplicity and accessibility of a note taker with the power and efficiency of a modern smartphone or tablet.
Our latest solution is the groundbreaking BrailleNote Touch, the world’s first all-in-one braille tablet.


4. C- Pen Dictionary

The C-Pen: Dictionary is a significant breakthrough for supporting individuals with reading and language related barriers to learning. The Dictionary pen also supports second language English speakers. The pen has an embedded camera and together with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is able to look up a word as the pen passes over the written text. The pen will then display the definition as well as read the word out loud.


5. RealCare Drug Affected Infant Simulator

This dramatic simulator cries and shakes like a real baby born to a mother who was taking drugs during her pregnancy.  The simulator and accompanying curriculum demonstrate the devastating effects of substance use by a pregnant woman.  This simulator can be used for substance abuse prevention and is a crucial part of the Total Parenting Experience for teenage pregnancy prevention and parenting skills education.


The SMART Board M680 SBM680V interactive whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard system enabling teachers and students to interact and share lesson content. The interactive whiteboard is used with a digital pen or with an intuitive touch of a finger for a collaborative experience in classrooms, conferences and board meetings.

Yenka-Programming-software-by-edit-micro-700x450 (1)

7. Yenka Programming

Yenka Programming is an interactive, exciting way to teach and learn computer control and programming.  The program lets you use simple flowcharts to control either human characters or virtual animations through a series of steps and instructions.


8. Tobii EyeMobile

The EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 Pro tablets for individuals with physical and communication barriers.  The EyeMobile allows individuals to navigate and control the tablet and access apps, Internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more through the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eyes.


9. Software for School Subjects

Year 5 Science Interactives  is one of the application software designed for teaching science. The application is compatible with interactive technology,  and ideal for classroom learning environments. Year 5 Science Interactives is suitable for primary schools.


10. Lumens Document Camera

The Lumens DC125 is a high definition document camera, AKA visualiser, for viewing documents or 3D objects on a large screen or data projector.  With the addition of the optional wireless base, you can take the document camera around the classroom without being attached to your computer by cables.


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