Employee Workshops

Financial Wellness Programs for Employees

Bear Run Investments provides financial solutions in the workplace, in the form of group sessions, one on one consultations, training programs and workshops at our offices in Fourways and at our client’s premises.

With over 75% of employees feeling financially stressed, we encourage employers to consider financial wellness programs for their employees.

Our programs include but aren’t limited to the below:

  • Basics of financial planning
  • The importance of saving and budgeting
  • How to start your first business
  • Understanding long term investments products and how to have a balanced portfolio
  • Handling your debt and loan repayments
  • Analysing your risk and insurance
  • Evaluating your retirement plan
  • …and many more

Our aim is to improve your employee’s financial literacy levels so they can make informed financial decisions.

Our mission is to give every member of the community a chance to regain their financial confidence by providing them with different opportunities to attain their financial freedom. We strive to develop and maintain first class programs to shed light on the world of financial literacy, by doing so, we firmly believe that this will empower the community and allow for finances to be the least of people’s worries.

For more information on our training programs for employees, kindly send an email to: info@nelisiwemasango.com

We look forward to empowering your employees.