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Become A Bear



For a limited time only, we will be rolling out our phenomenal Millionaire Trader’s Club: FSB-P Mentorship Programs as 5 individual packages, as shown below. Note: Each course will run for 3 weeks


All classes will take place at our head office in Fourways. We have weekday evening classes and Saturday morning classes. Schedules and timetables will depend on the program you take. Class seating is limited for a more controlled environment; better learning conditions and personal relationships being built amongst one another.




Investing in Shares and Exchange Traded Funds

Investing in shares shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Own a stake of brands you like & become a shareholder from as little as R100.


Investing in Local and International Commercial Property

You don’t need millions to become a property mogul, with our new Property Investing course, you can now invest in local & international property from as little as R1 000.


Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum 

Bitcoin is the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency & has made thousands of people millionaires all over the world, so why not own a piece of this incredible digital currency for as little as R10?


Trade Forex and Commodities

Learn numerous forex trading strategies including how to copy someone else trades free of charge. Gold is not susceptible to the same causes of depreciation as most other assets and has always been a “go-to” investment during times of market uncertainty and fear. Why not trade Gold and make money from commodities?


For more information on our finance workshops, send an email to or call 0115133108