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Bear Run Investments will be launching a training academy with more financial and entrepreneurship courses for all our amazing Bears. Financial literacy and entrepreneurship education is not only vital for personal financial progression but it plays a significant role in economic development. We’ve got world class, well experienced and highly qualified lectures and accredited training material for the benefit of our Bears.

Look out for the launch party and registration date…. coming soon!!!

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Females with Finance: FeFine

FeFine is a social club which stands for Females With Finance. This organisation welcomes all women of different ages, ethnicities, social backgrounds and color to speak their minds and join forces in promoting healthy relationships in business and finance. FeFine also assists aspiring business owners and investors with various tips, articles and references to get you started. We do not exclude the already existing business woman and female investor, but we extend our services and products across the board in aid of supporting women in a very obvious male dominated world.

We have two great online courses for you to take as self study.

1. Boss Lady: the entrepreneurship course that teaches you the basics & foundations to start your own business & make it a success.

2. Miss Independent: the course offering financial planning, understanding the stock market and long term investing chapters. We have two great online courses for you to take as self study.

You can also get your hands on our branded t-shirts to show that indeed you are a “Female with Finances”.. Limited stock so pre-order soon.. All ladies that purchase any of the online courses or t shirts will get a FREE FeFine ebook. Stay connected to us by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter for more information and updates.

•Facebook page: Females With Finance

•Twitter handle: @FeFine_bri

Feel free to send us an email with any questions or comments to:


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FeFine Girls Program

The FeFine Girls Program aims to see 2000 young girls between the ages of 13 and 18 become more confident and position themselves to make better decisions by shifting their way of thinking from that of being entitled to one that is more self-sufficient. We have 3 main programs to assist the girls in our communities, namely:

  1. How to become financially independent and basic personal finance: this program introduces saving and the importance of focusing on your financial future by means of investing. We have practical activities where they plan actual budgets based on different life scenarios and case studies.
  2. How to start my first business with little or not resources: this program promotes entrepreneurship and being able to create jobs in your community and employs those around you. Each child is given a fixed amount of money to get items to start building their first business. This teaches them how to think creatively and also learn how to make money from an idea.
  3. Brains and books before babies and boys: this program gives the girls first-hand experience on what pregnancy and motherhood are like. We’ve added onto the traditional way of sex education by incorporating technology and practical activities. We have a vest that carries the exact same weight as a pregnant belly which the girls can wear to physically feel the weight of pregnancy. We also have a doll that is linked to an app with a wrist band that allows the doll to react like a real human baby. This emphasizes how difficult motherhood is as the doll acts exactly like a human and requires the same attention (ie: feeding, napping, rocking, etc)





Forex 4 Females: trading club

Bear Run Investments and Females with Finance have collaborated on a new project called: Forex 4 Females. This club was launched on 9 August 2017 on National Women’s Day.

Why become a Forex4Females club member??

We’re well aware of the fact that some of our female traders reside in different provinces and countries. Instead of attending live training or seminars, why not become a member and make money from the comfort of your home.

Membership benefits are as follows:

• Weekly newsletter.
• Access to webinars, videos and strategy suggestions.
• Monthly trading signals.
• Discount on all Bear Run Investments eventsand programs.


Stay connected to us by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter for more information and updates.

•Facebook page: Forex 4 Females

•Twitter handle: @forex4females

So why not sign up today and be part of a growing community of female forex traders. Send an email to: to get your application form!

Membership is limited to the first 1000 ladies!!


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